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Translation proofreading

Translation proofreading

Translation of a text latin to english, regardless of its style, is always a creative process. Often a group of professionals is working on one material, each of whom contributes to the process of work. Thanks to this synergy, the translation is of high quality and does not have any inaccuracies.

A translation, even by an experienced translator, needs professional proofreading. Proofreading a translation is a complex process that requires thoroughness and even painstaking work. The expediency of proofreading is explained by the following: a translation made by a translator for whom the target language is not native may have distortions. The translator can use words or phrases that are not characteristic of the culture and peculiarities of the translated language.

Even if a translation that has not been proofread can be easily perceived by a native speaker, it will not be difficult for him to understand that this is a translated material due to the unnaturalness of some phrases. A native speaker is well acquainted with the norms and stylistic features of the native language, therefore, the translation edited by him will comply with all the rules. In addition, a native speaker is able to convey the emotional color inherent in the original text.

Proofreading is most often used when translating advertisements, information booklets, business plans, and journalistic documents. Standard proofreading is performed by a group of translators whose task is to edit the text, eliminate semantic distortions, typos, omissions, grammatical and punctuation errors. There are situations when the customer makes special requirements, in such cases, proofreading is carried out according to a special setting, it is transferred for execution to native speakers or scientific or literary editors.