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Motivation in learning

Motivation in learning

Probably everyone is familiar with the situation when there is a desire to start doing something, but there is not enough time. When every Friday you promise yourself that you will start learning languages and use ​​translate russian to english from Monday, but Monday comes, and there are certainly more important things to do. “But from next Monday, for sure.” And so – for many years. Or you even find time, take up tutorials, but after a while you still abandon this idea.

Someone at this stage comes to the conclusion that “languages ​​are not his”, or that now there is no time for languages ​​and, “perhaps in retirement.” However, don’t be disappointed. Almost the only (and certainly the most important) reason for all failures in learning is the lack or lack of motivation.

Motivation in learning

It would seem that learning languages ​​is useful and important, and someday they will certainly be useful to you, if only to learn them. In fact, everything is not so. If you do not know why you are going to learn a particular foreign language, you will never have enough time to study it. To do something, a person needs to know why he is doing it. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

Therefore, in order to finally find the time and energy to study foreign languages, you need to decide what you are going to spend your time on classes for. The goal should be clear and tangible: not “find your happiness”, but for example, “buy an apartment in Spain”.

The reasons for starting to learn foreign languages ​​are different for everyone. For some, this means moving to a permanent residence in another country, for some, an increase in work or employment, and someone dreams of reading their favorite foreign authors in the original and is ready to devote as much time to studying foreign languages ​​for this.

Outline for yourself how learning a foreign language will help you achieve your goals? Find what is preventing you from devoting enough time to your studies. Do you spend a lot of time commuting to the office? Try listening to educational audiobooks in the car. Come up with ten options for learning foreign languages ​​in the conditions of your specific employment and your schedule.

And, of course, pay attention to the selection of a teacher. An experienced teacher with whom you will feel comfortable studying is, undoubtedly, the key to effective teaching of foreign languages.